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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Professional Photoshop Book – Vol.5 2014 (92MB)

Explore a range of ways you can put your Photoshop skills to use, including combining Photoshop with 3D methods, digital painting, and photomanipulation. Learn how to create a brand identity, and read expert advice on how to approach businesses in the field, allowing you to take your Photoshop expertise to professional levels. Featuring: Photo Editing – Manipulate every photo to your preferences Digital Painting – Bring your illustrations and portraits to new heights with these techniques in digital painting 3D and Photoshop – Find out how to combine 3D and Photoshop methods to develop dynamic images Graphics & New Media – Creating stunning graphics and adapt your work to suit web design or app building.

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The Professional Photoshop Book – Vol.5 2014
English | 180 Pages | 92.4 Mb

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Digital Photographer UK – Issue 150 2014 (62MB)

Digital Photographer is the ultimate monthly photography magazine, delivering indispensable, practical and hands-on shooting advice. Aimed at digital enthusiasts and professional photographers, Digital Photographer features the latest high-end kit reviews, expert interviews, practical shooting advice and image-editing tutorials to help you become a better photographer. We also showcase a selection of images from DP readers every month – the ideal launch pad for your career.

Digital Photographer UK – Issue 150 2014
English | 116 Pages | 62 MB

She Takes Selfie Everyday For 6.5 Years While Battling Depression And Anxiety

Rebecca Brown takes Selfie Everyday For 6.5 Years While Battling Depression And Anxiety.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Professional Photographer USA – July 2014

For more than 100 years, Professional Photographer, the official magazine of Professional Photographers of America, has helped readers advance careers in the photographic industry. Each issue contains practical yet cutting-edge lessons in the artistic, business, and technological aspects of professional photography. No other magazine offers a more influential presentation of the people, trends, products, and photographs changing and defining the portrait, wedding and commercial photography landscape.

Professional Photographer USA – July 2014
English | 124 pages | True PDF | 42.00 Mb

N-Photo: the Nikon magazine - August 2014

N-Photo is the only monthly practical photography magazine covering Nikon digital SLR photography. Whether you want to take better pictures with your Nikon D-SLR, improve any digital photo in Photoshop or Nikon Capture NX 2 or buy the best Nikon-compatible kit, N-Photo has all the advice you need to get the most from your photography. Every tutorial has a live-action video guide to accompany it – just follow the links to our reader-only YouTube channel and enjoy two great ways to learn new skills! N-Photo is 100% Nikon and 100% independent.

N-Photo: the Nikon magazine - August 2014
English | 116 pages | True PDF | 39.50 Mb


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